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Artist, sculptor presenting his work since 1975
I have been sculpting since the early 1970’s, though many of my skills as an artist developed much earlier.  Growing up in rural Brazil, I had keen interests in nature and local ingenuity.  My friends and I made toys and implements out of found materials.  We learned from neighbors how to  use natural resources and recycling to create useful items.  An early introduction to crafts and arts helped me develop manual skills that I wanted to pursue and perfect.  Later, I added a wide range of metal working and technical skills learned through different jobs.  Apprenticeships with other artists and craftsmen were invaluable to me as hands on experiences.  These were people of great generosity and spirit who helped me gain confidence as an artist, develop skills, pursue my own style, and grow as a person.  Farm work with my father and my work and training in a bronze foundry gave me a strong work ethic.  My accidental introduction to goldsmithing provided a commercial profession suitable for my skills that allows me financial independence to practice my art as I wish.  For many years I have sculpted privately.  Once I saw my children through their educations and into independent adulthood, I started showing my work again, publicly.  Through my memberships with Washington Sculptors Group and Washington Project for the Arts, I began exhibiting again in 2011.  In sharing my work I welcome dialogue with anyone interested.  Feel free to contact me and I will respond as soon as possible.
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