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Potomac Constructions

These sculptures incorporate materials collected from the Potomac River shore.  They represent the spiritual and mysterious effects this river has on my creativity.  I have come to regard my experience making these pieces as a form of spiritual channeling.  Responding to materials that interest me, the relationships that suggest how to connect items to each other comes to me as an intuitive revelation.  Each sculpture seems to embody a power or emotional output of its own.  I can't help but marvel at the mystery of this process.

Potomac Talisman, 2021

Driftwood with pebbles, beach glass, and snail shells, collected from my favorite site, represent the mysteries of this river.  As a fetish, these elements come together to connect with a particular place that holds the magic of many years. This piece is made to hang on a wall and measures 13x8.5x4.5 inches.

At The Root, 2021

At the center of this piece is a driftwood root system suspended by the interconnected structure around it.  Made of driftwood with clay binding the joints, these materials collected from the Potomac shore, embody the natural relationships of the river ecosystem.  71x47x35 inches

Willy Fly, 2021

This whimsical creature made of driftwood, beach glass, stones, and concrete patch defies aerodynamics by struggling to fly.  It begs one to root for the absurd.  45x37x24 inches

Heart Of Stone, 2023

A bird like creature made of driftwood and stones.  Joints are hardened with concrete patch and stone supporting a center stone that gives it meaning and ballast.  34x38x17 inches

Ascension, 2022

A structure made of driftwood, beach glass, and stones.  19x9x8 inches