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Collaborative Installations

I found a kindred spirit in artist Robin Croft.  We  collaborate well together on outdoor, site specific installations where combined effort allows us to undertake large projects and share ideas.  As these ephemeral works have a brief lifespan, we document their progress with photography and videos.  Whether working on individual or collaborative concepts, our methodology shares a respect for the environment and a concern for the human condition.

Stage With Five Figures In a Vale, 2022

A large installation during a two week residency.  Robin concentrated on the Stage, through which one could view the story of a group of figures Marcos built.

Refugee Wall, 2019

Five figures successively encounter, climb, and then merge into a wall.  A memorial to asylum seekers and the obstacles they encounter.

Departing Man and Trapped Bird, 2018

Struggle and appathy.

Ketch Sketch, 2018

A ghost ship, one of the metaphors of loss prevalent in Robin Croft's work.

32 Tidal Mounds, 2018

A stand in for rising oceans due to global warming.  The river is affected by tides.